Hiring a coach for your business is a big investment in your future success.  An excellent coach will give you the tools and perspective to help you grow your business, set and reach your next level goals and overcome challenges.  But what should you look for when hiring this oh-so-important mentor for your business?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Chemistry.  Much like dating – you’ll want to choose a business coach who shares your ideals and is easy to get along with.  Test the waters to make sure you’re a good fit to work together by asking for a ‘Discovery Call’ before taking the plunge to hiring.
  • Proven Business Success. A professional dancer would never hire a coach who just watched ‘Dancing with the Stars’ a few times.  They would look for someone with real dance experience and accomplishments!  Likewise, when hiring a business coach, look for someone who’s done what you want to do. Choose a mentor who has been in the trenches, has past failures they’ve learned from as well as many achievements.   
  • Ensure that their schedule fits nicely with yours.  Do you want your coach to be in the same time zone as you?  Have availability evenings and/or weekends?  Meet you in person or over the phone? Check up front what the available coaching schedule will be before you agree to work with someone.
  • Coaching Skills.  Before I became an entrepreneur I worked in a BIG office setting.  One of my co-workers was so amazing at his job that he was promptly made a Manager and asked to mentor the rest of the department.  Which is exactly the moment when he STOPPED begin good at his job.  Why?  Because he just wasn’t cut out to ‘coach’ others.  Before hiring a business mentor, ask for testimonials from others they’ve worked with to ensure they’re as good at ‘teaching’ as they are at business.
  • Creativity.  Anyone can regurgitate the latest business advice from a textbook (or that webinar they watched last week).  That doesn’t make them a great coach.  You want someone who will spark innovative ideas, surprise you, make you think in new ways and urge you to take risks that no one else is.
  • Accountability.  I think this is a HUGE part of the coaching experience. Seek out someone who will show you the ‘tough love’ by setting realistic, achievable, action steps with you and hold you accountable to completing them.

Both ‘newbies’ and successful entrepreneurs can reap the rewards or working with the ‘right’ coach.  One who will help bring out your best ideas, offer valuable advice and guide you on the path to success.

Who is Lisa McDonell?

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Lisa McDonell is a Virtual Assistant Business and Lifestyle Coach who inspires and empowers women to launch and grow their own businesses online. Sharing her wise and witty advice, she shows both aspiring and seasoned V.A.’s how to take their ‘big dreams’ and transform them into profitable companies while living a fun, healthy and supportive lifestyle.   She is a Certified Health Coach with expertise in Business Development, Marketing, Coaching and the science and art of personal transformation.  She has been a featured Speaker at Various Virtual Assistant events around the globe. Lisa is a self-proclaimed ‘Brainy Gal’.  You can find her hanging out at www.thebrainygal.com  or on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/thebrainygal

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