It’s day number two of my birthday extravaganza and today I am featuring Ida Butwin.  I’ve had the joy of working with Ida for awhile now and the opportunity to watch her grow her business from the beginning.  She has such a passion for coaching and especially for mompreneurs since she has a young family herself.  As her gift she is offering her stress free strategy to create a group program.  Enjoy!


Are you a soulful female entrepreneur looking to create greater impact by moving from 1:1 coaching to group coaching, but not sure where to start? My 10-Step Stress-Free Strategy To Create Your Group Program is the perfect place!

109-cIda Butwin is the Scientific Business Strategist for Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs who need left-brained business and marketing strategy planning and want it from someone who understands a right-brained creative mind. Your creative genius plus her OCD planning is the perfect formula for a chemical reaction that will make your business go BOOM!

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