We’re in day three of our Birthday Extravaganza and today the client we’re celebrating is Haley J. Snyder.  She is an Empowered Mindset Coach I’ve had the opportunity to watch her overcome obstacles in her own life so she knows what she’s talking about.  And she is providing us with The Ultimate Confidence Boosting Workbook.


It doesn’t matter HOW good you are at what you do. EVERYONE has bad days…even weeks and months.  Nothing rocks an entrepreneur’s confidence like missing sales, getting sick andnot being able to pull your weight, or watching other coaches who started after you suddenly adopt your exact copy and strategies…

I’m not speaking out of theory…  I’m talking from experience and from hearing my peers struggle with these things day in and day out.

SO! I decided to make the ULTIMATE Confidence Workbook! This portfolio is PACKED with 4 powerful tools that I use with my own clients.

Free for you here: bit.ly/BoostMeHaley


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Haley Snyder is an Empowered Mindset Coach who is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs become intuitively aligned with their unique brilliance.  She believes that every woman has a unique set of strengths, intelligence, brilliance, and audience, and Haley helps her clients hone in on this one-of-a-kind skill set so that they can build an entirely unique empire that feels as good as it functions.



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