1ab7027Tina was having a frustrating day. She had hoped to get so much done when she woke up this morning but it wasn’t turning out that way. She’d spent several hours bringing her books up to date so she would know if any of her clients still owed her money. She had gotten behind with all of the discovery calls, client calls and trying to maintain a household. Kids are great but they don’t know what it takes to run a business and aren’t always patient when they want Mommy’s attention.

She really enjoyed her coaching business. It brought her such great joy when she was able to help a client find her path to building her business. But lately it seemed like she spent more time doing trivial tasks like bookkeeping then she spent doing the things that brought her joy.  She had to spend time this morning reconciling her credit card payments and talking to her merchant services provider about discrepancies she had found. She even had to postpone one of her client sessions because the conversation with her bank took longer than she thought it would. Not only was she having to spend time away from her family but it was costing her revenue.

But she thought she might have a solution. She had run across a post in her Facebook stream that talked about hiring a virtual assistant. She wondered if that might not be the answer to her problems. According to the post he could:

Maintain her bookkeeping including:
1) Reconciling Accounts Receivable
2) Processing Accounts Payable
3) Budget planning for product launches and other business opportunities
4) Cash flow evaluation
5) Provide monthly reports as needed for funding opportunities
 Collect past due receivables
 Act as liaison to ensure payment systems are functioning properly
 General administrative tasks such as:
1) Create and post social media
2) Update blog posts in WordPress and newsletters using Mail Chimp and Aweber
3) Appointment setting and email management

Tina wondered if this day might not turn out well after all.

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