By Kate Boyd

I’ll be honest. I’m a control freak. And, frankly, I kinda enjoy some of the more administrative tasks that come along with being an online business owner. Plus, I can do them. So I figured that it meant I needed to do all I could and save money. That’s just good stewardship, right?


Well, my definition of stewardship has rapidly evolved this year when I went from one business to two while still holding down my full-time day job. As life wore on me and exhaustion set in, I started to realize that stewardship means more than just money. It applies to time, talent, and treasure, and when I started thinking about it that way. Suddenly it became so clear that a VA was the best next step for me.


Here are a few ways that I’ve discovered it makes me a better coach and steward of my resources.


  1. It creates more mental space for you to use your gifts more effectively.


Just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should. And that’s where I was hitting a sticky patch in my own businesses. As I struggled to find time for all I felt God was asking of me, I found myself wearing down and dropping balls, which is very unlike me. It was time to create more mental white space.


That meant I needed to surrender some of the things that I could do (and wanted to do for control’s sake) so I didn’t have to worry about them anymore. By hiring my VA, a weight was instantly lifted off my shoulders. She now does quickly what took me hours and that mental space is now clear for my clients and my creativity.


  1. It saved me time I could use elsewhere.


One of my issues in my business before I hired my VA is that I found it hard to find a system and be consistent because no one was holding me accountable. I had to have content done before I could schedule it, but I could always throw something together at the last minute. It was costing me time to do it piece-meal, and it cost me trust in building my tribe because of inconsistency.


Hiring my VA forced me to create a system and have work ready for her to do by a particular deadline each week. That made me plan ahead and get more strategic with my content, but it also created more time for me to work on other tasks that mattered more because I had done it faster with batching and outsourcing.


  1. It actually made me more money.


My biggest fear when hiring a VA had mostly to do with money. I struggled a lot with releasing that little bit because I was afraid that I wouldn’t make it back and I’d have to let her go and be right back at square one — overwhelmed and overloaded. But that’s not at all what happened.


I actually have made more revenue each month with my VA in place than before because I could use that time, energy, and talent I had saved on the activities that generate revenue and build relationships to build my business.


Hiring a VA was scary in so many ways, but the ROI on that investment has proven to me that it was the best use of my resources because of the space it created for more — more time, more use of my talents, and more treasure to be generous with and invest back into my business. It turned out to be not only a good business decision but a good stewardship decision that I took that chance, and I’m not going back.



// Bio

Kate Boyd is a business coach and strategist who helps faith-focused entrepreneurs who are called to pursue a God-sized dream to squash their fear, gain strength from their faith, and align their passions with powerful strategy through personalized coaching that allows them to create the income that empowers them to impact lives every day and create the life of freedom they crave. You can find out more about Kate at or join her community of dreamers + doers on Facebook at

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